The testimony of history: the United Nations collection of "918" truth [Abstract] the Japanese army is to protect the "overseas Chinese" come, why the destruction of schools everywhere, looting of goods, burning the industry, killing innocent people?" Note: the Japanese army captured Geneva Fengtian Swiss majestic nations palace, kept the United Nations International Union formerly from the historical archives from 1919 to 1946. Little is known about the Books are numerous. files, there was a collection by the famous "Shenyang nine" die "918" of the Japanese invasion evidence. In September 18, 1931 85 years ago, the Japanese launched a brutal military aggression, occupation of the China northeast provinces, known as the "918" incident. In late 1931, the United Nations sent a special investigation team headed by the British ambassador to the northeast to investigate. The United Nations responsible for guarding the history of Geneva’s office of archives Colin · Welles reporter to open a gray corrosion file box, with a English embroidered with "TRUTH" (the truth) on the blue cloth. This heavy book, which includes the time of the newspaper, on the Japanese aggression by Japanese troops shot innocent people list, there are a lot of evidence materials, posters and other Japanese in the northeast, enslaving education and established a puppet manipulation of evidence. There is a detailed implementation was sent to the Northeast puppet rule Japanese list. The reporter saw, in a "Shen Hai railway company letter", the board of supervisors is inscribed column of the Class-A war criminals after World War II Toihara Kenji Tokyo trial. "My grandfather was in the Northeast China Gong banker, when he learned that the League of Nations mission to the northeast, and a few other together to collect the evidence of a person of noble aspirations." One of the "Shenyang nine" Gong Tian min, granddaughter living in Germany Frankfurt Gong Jie to the China News Agency reporter recalls. The Japanese to collect evidence, investigation team members are "protected", the Japanese side to close. Gong Gong eventually commissioned missionary Frederic · (Ni Feide), the key will be transferred to the hands of the hands of the hands of the hands of the. Mark · O’neal (MarkO’Neil) in the "northeast Irish" in the book describes the experience: "the grandfather he contacted several times and the Commission to submit more than a" secret report on the atrocities of Japan. "". Gong Tianmin’s cloth is one of them. In a number of S36 box, a stack of letters reporter read the investigation group received in Harbin, his full public’s injury, lost territory. "Since the 918 incident, the Japanese soldiers took us for no reason, Manchuria, arbitrary slaughter our compatriots." "The Japanese army is to protect the overseas," why the destruction of schools everywhere, looting of goods, burning the industry, killing innocent people?" "People taking numerous casualties, property burned, no shelter, not farmers farming, and raped women etc.. Be brutal and inhuman things be too numerous to enumerate." "People at the heel, but dare not dare not say!" The pain of Japan ravaged public opinion, a Harbin dealer in the letter with a paper "was not in Manchuria at large is public opinion". Songhua River people roar, and the "truth" of cloth evidence.相关的主题文章:

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