The analysis says Cai Yingwen to take the "anti" route Taiwan media: did she capital – Sohu news [Global Times correspondent in Taipei Hu Youzhong Global Times reporter Cui Jietong Taiwan Security Association] 8, sponsored by the South China Sea dispute and the Asia Pacific regional peace international conference on peace and development, cross-strait relations across the Taiwan Strait is one of the most important issues. Professor Dong Liwen analysis of the Public Security Department of the "Central Police University" said that from January 16th this year to the end of the election in Taiwan, cross-strait relations can be divided into 3 stages, in order to communicate, and decided to test the bottom line tone period, is currently belong to test the bottom line, is likely to continue until early next year after. "The end of the observation period, Lu Cai Qinmei far in tune." Taiwan, Wang reported that the 8 day for this assertion. The report quoted as saying, "people in Taiwan", when Cai Yingwen speaks of "no surrender" "anti China pressure", established her political line is to be in "economic, political, farewell, fight on". The source believes that if Taiwan’s economy is not limited by the mainland’s development, which will make Taiwan into trouble. Beijing Taiwan Research Institute of Tsinghua University Wu Yongping, vice president of the newspaper "" Wang said that the current time and space environment and the international situation and cross-strait strength, also cannot be mention in the same breath, after long time exploration, compared with the flat government trial period, the mainland is still not clear what is meant by "flexible Taiwan independence", now "strategy to Taiwan clearly, tactically more mature", what Cai Yingwen is doing, the mainland have been through. "9 times" China commentary pointed out that "there are signs that the government national security strategy began from Cai Ma government" pro american, Japan, and friends’, and gradually transformed into "Pro us, friends, far" trend". The problem is that the big powers for their own interests, at any time will be sold in Taiwan, Philippines, the results of the case submitted to the South China Sea, Taiwan can not participate in this year’s ICAO meeting is a clear example. "Central Daily" web site, a review of the article questioned, Cai Yingwen what "Anti China"? A scholar on the island of the Global Times reporter said that at least for now, Cai Yingwen’s pro american policy did not bring any substantial benefits to Taiwan. So, Cai Yingwen is regarded as an alternative to the mainland, another highlight of the New South policy? The "New South" is just a mirage and insubstantial objects ", China times" 8 days of comments on this topic, even if Cai Yingwen is pushing the 5 industries or 10 industries developed smoothly, and the products are world class, but Taiwan failed to enter the "regional economic partnership agreement" (RCEP), the "trans Pacific Partnership Agreement" (TPP) is far away in the rainbow on the horizon, miles away, with only Taiwan and New Zealand, Singapore signed a free trade agreement, will be in the most South East Asian and South Asian countries enjoy tariff relief, so even if there is no good product also very difficult with these countries competition.  相关的主题文章:

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