The baby is used to sleeping infants do? Sohu baby Baoma who often encounter such a problem: the baby milk will soon fall asleep, but wake up crying clamoring to eat milk, he fell asleep again, back and forth several times, not only the baby to sleep well, treasure mom will be very tired, why would such a treasure treasure. How to solve it? A baby, why infants when love to sleep, 1 newborn babies love to sleep because the brain is not well developed, and the cerebral cortex nerve cell excitability is low and the work force is poor, easy fatigue, so determines the neonatal total sleep time is long, and time and frequency of sleep and the baby’s age is directly related to the time and the number of the younger the sleep more, this is what we often see a day in addition to neonatal feeding, changing diapers, bath time, with 20 to 22 hours of sleep are basically the reason. The first week of the 90% baby was born in a day’s time is spent in sleep, sleep can make the baby from outside interference, so that the body’s physiological function of continuous improvement, being fully developed, this is the baby’s normal physiological phenomenon, self protection, protection of vulnerable baby brain cells from over the outside stimulation. So this is why there is a part of the baby sleep in order to meet their own requirements, even when infants will steal a sleep. 2, lack of milk baby milk then another reason is the lack of breast milk to sleep. In this situation, the mother may wish to measure if the baby’s weight, weight gain, and did not get sick, so it should be timely to the baby milk, otherwise, each feeding all eat, will affect the baby’s health. 3, suck milk for the baby is too tired to work, and when feeding the baby nestled in her mother’s arms, warm and comfortable and safe, the baby will indeed enjoy a good sleep environment, but this is not completely quiet sleep often sleep, when you put the nipple or milk mouth pulled out, baby wake up. Two, baby sleep what to do when feeding, if the baby will sleep, baby, can > will wake up after continue feeding. If the baby does not wake up, do not force, let the baby sleep in a small bed, not long before the baby can continue to feed. After four or five consecutive times, due to milk, milk your baby needs have been met, will sleep a long time, even four or five hours do not wake up. Then don’t wake him up, baby hunger will wake up, although this time of feeding was disrupted, but does not affect the baby’s feeding amount. This feeding method is actually "on-demand feeding". Wait until the baby after the full moon, a nurse and sleep situation will gradually change, then establish the habit of feeding time is not late. Continue to stimulate the baby’s sucking: when > feel the baby to stop sucking,;, the baby will continue to suck, when necessary, can be > give him (her) some arousal stimulation, prolonged excitation time, causes the baby to eat enough milk, only in the baby to eat before him (her) a good sleep, cultivate the baby develop good feeding habits. Three, baby 1 drawbacks to sleep相关的主题文章:

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