The CBRC cut off financial funds into the real estate to leverage funds to market the way the curtain was gradually containment, regulators efforts to cool the property market is still overweight. Following the release of more limited credit policy, the bank’s lending funds into the property market, last weekend, China Banking Regulatory Commission for the first time sound, control of financial capital flows to the real estate industry. It is worth mentioning that last week, the market has also been part of the housing prices have been issued to stop the news. Thus, the mortgage, finance, bonds, etc. the main way to get the property market funds have been brought on the "Curse", the real estate to leverage the curtain opened. No financial funds into the property market in October 22nd, the CBRC issued the three quarter economic and financial situation analysis, pointed out that it is necessary to strengthen the investment management of financial management funds, bank financing funds is strictly prohibited to enter the field of real estate. This is the current round of market regulation policy, the CBRC issued the first needle cooling agent. It is understood that there are many ways to bank funds into the real estate, financial management is one of important ways. The day before the debt Gordon’s banking financial center issued the "China registered custodian bank [0.29% funding research report] industry financial market report (the first half of 2016)" shows that the first half of this year, 13.06% of the bank financial capital flows to the real estate, the scale of the proportion from third last year rose to second, a total of 2 trillion and 90 billion yuan. Longitudinal than the end of 2015, bank financing to the real economy 15 trillion and 880 billion yuan, which accounted for the proportion of investment in real estate, the balance of $1 trillion and 540 billion. This means that the first half of this year, the bank’s financial capital inflows into the real estate industry 550 billion yuan. But not all of these 2 trillion and 60 billion financial funds are illegal into the property market, the bank how to transport behavior is illegal? There are insiders, some banks buyout loan assets through the channel, or a buyout of beneficiary, which can pay the loan with financial capital docking real estate intermediary, and down payment loan is regulators banned illegal behavior. Centaline chief analyst Zhang Dawei further, banks use financial funds indirectly involved in the down payment loan form, including financing lease, private asset securitization products, because it is difficult to judge a detour on financing. The day before the Beijing Daily reporter survey also confirmed this point. Although facing regulators repeatedly hit, but the down payment loan has not completely disappeared, there are still real estate intermediary for buyers and banks "act as a go-between", disguised from the bank loaning money to still exist. In addition, the trust is also a very good channel for bank financing funds. The finance researcher Liao Hekai said, trust products can be diversified investment, so we don’t see the actual investment, is a pool of funds, covered transactions. Regulators had also had heavy regulation of trust funds pool chaos. China Banking Regulatory Commission on Saturday issued a document also mentioned that to strengthen the real estate trust business compliance. According to the trust statistics show that as of October 23rd this year, the trust issued a total of 658 real estate trust, reached 195 billion 18 million yuan. Liao Hekai said that before the release of the trust products have to go through the newspaper, reported that it is.相关的主题文章:

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