The driver saw the traffic police has dispute took the soft original car hid the trunk with hidden blood "Guan Gong knife". The newspaper (text reporter Huang Huang correspondent Lin Feng Cai Jingming) scratch occurred, in the end who’s responsibility? When the driver saw a dispute over the traffic police to deal with, one of them suddenly soft, wanted to go. The original car trunk hidden in a bloody "Guan Gong knife". 11 evening around 5:30, the city traffic police detachment Brigade squadron Haicang Bridge seized the illegal carry knives suspect Luo, and then transferred to the jurisdiction of the police station. At that time, the police to the scene after taking evidence, ready for mediation, rear end car driver Luo is a little strange, first saw the police not to yield a step, change, a hope to look up. See the police toward his car back, Luo more nervous. These abnormalities are experienced, qiaosui police Zhang Tianshou see in the eye. There must be something wrong in the backup compartment. After dealing with the accident, Zhang Tianshou and colleagues made a wink, "right and left pincer attack", staring at Luo, open the backup box. Hear the instructions, Luo was a little pale, linger for a long time to open the trunk, lying inside a one meter long "Guan Gong knife", there are a few small ads on the edge of financial loan. Luo began to make excuses, said that the knife is a handicraft, and later said that the car is not his, he does not know how there will be a knife. Police found that the knife not only opened the front, but also on the edge of the dried blood. Luo said that the bloodstain was left when he killed the fish, which was contradictory to what he just said "crafts" and "don’t know the knife on the car". Luo can not justify himself, he has been transferred to the district police station, accept further investigation. (Xiamen net (micro-blog)) >

司机争执不休见交警却服了软 原来车内藏了这个后备厢藏着带血“关公刀”。本报讯 (文 图 记者 黄璜 通讯员 林冯 蔡精明)刮擦发生了,到底谁的责任?当事司机争执不休,见到交警来处理,其中一方却突然服软,就想赶紧走。原来此人车后备厢藏着一把带血“关公刀”。11日傍晚5:30左右,市交警支队桥隧大队海沧大桥中队查获了这名非法携带管制刀具的可疑男子骆某,并将其移送到辖区派出所。当时,民警现场拍照取证后,准备进行调解,被追尾小轿车的司机骆某有点怪,一开始还寸步不让,一见到民警就变了,一副希望赶紧了事的样子。见有民警朝他车后方走去,骆某更紧张了。这些异常,都被经验丰富的桥隧大队民警张天寿看在眼里。后备厢里肯定有猫腻。处理好事故后,张天寿跟同事使了个眼色,“左右夹击”,盯着骆某打开后备厢。听到这样的指令,骆某脸色有些发白,磨蹭了许久才打开后备厢,里面躺着一把一米多长的“关公刀”,边上还有几张金融借贷的小广告。骆某开始极力辩解,一会儿说这刀是工艺品,一会儿又说车不是他的,他也不知道怎么会有刀。民警发现,这刀不仅开过锋,而且刀刃上还有干涸的血迹。骆某又说血迹是杀鱼时留下的,这与他刚刚说的“工艺品”“不知道车上有刀”自相矛盾。骆某根本无法自圆其说,他目前已被移送到辖区派出所,接受进一步调查。(厦门网(微博))>相关的主题文章:

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