The "Eagle" sound linger gold coming exam Sina exposure table: the letter Phi lag of false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, to buy the fund by the pit how to do? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Reporter Wang Zhuying – the Fed started to raise interest rates, the market is expected to have at least one rate hike this year, there is a market that is September rate hike time window. But many analysts accept the China Securities Journal reporter, said that in September, in contrast, the greater the probability of interest rate hike in December. In any case, the recent gold and silver fate has department on Friday the Fed’s Jackson Holzer annual meeting, annual meeting before the price of gold sideways to years after gold is Powei or the sharp rebound in the market with bated breath. The city’s star as much precious metals investors, gold recently rose momentum weakened, after reaching a high point of the year high of $1375 an ounce out of the wave triangle concussion consolidation pattern, price rebound highs continue to decrease, while under low exploration has been raised, the movement space prices gradually converge, the current price for the downward trend callback, powei. As of August 24th, SPDR gold ETF positions have declined for third consecutive weeks, which may be one of the important reasons leading to the decline in gold prices. From the point of view of gold ETF positions, SPDR gold ETF as the world’s largest gold ETF, its position has been maintained a strong positive correlation with gold prices. In March 14th this year, ETF positions reached a low of 790.14 tons, in August 5th reached a high level of about 980.33 tons, up by 21.3%. At the same time, the price of gold rose from $1235 per ounce to $1341 an ounce, said Liu Guoxin, a senior analyst at Dalian heavy commodity co.. Baocheng Futures Institute assistant director of financial Cheng Xiaoyong believe that the recent callback concussion of precious metals, there may be several reasons: one is the recent Fed officials released hawkish remarks, and the U.S. economic indicators to improve, the Fed rate hike expectations; two is the low volatility in global financial markets, led to a lack of market hedging demand. Making gold demand of cooling in asset allocation. Data released by the World Gold Council, the global gold market substantial decline in consumer demand, but also to bring pressure on gold prices. "In the face of economic recession in emerging market economies, weak demand for physical prices can not be long-term support. Although China and India in nine and October is expected to usher in an increase in physical demand, but compared to previous years may be limited to boost the price." World Gold Line Research Center analyst Li Shan said. Li Shan pointed out that after a series of events, such as the British referendum back to Europe, market risk aversion began to cool. Developed countries, the overall operation of the financial market in good condition, such as the fear of the index, said the VIX index has recently dropped to below 15, and has always been located in low running. This makes it difficult to hedge the value of precious metals, and the price can not be sustained相关的主题文章:

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