The German government called on the people to hoard food and water to prevent major disasters or armed attacks – China news agency new network in August 24 Berlin Xinhua (reporter Peng Dawei) is a strong earthquake occurred in Europe in neighboring Italy on the same day, the German cabinet 24 officially passed a controversial civil defense plan, which appealed for drinking water at least five the amount of their own reserves (two liters per person per day) and at least ten days the amount of food, with a major disaster or armed attack "under the condition of temporary self-sufficiency through. This is Germany from the last century since the end of the cold war in 90s for the first time to restart with "prepare for the present" civil defense plan color. In addition to appeal to the public hoarding contingency reserves, the program also includes the response to terrorist attacks, cyber attacks, protect electricity and water supply facilities and other aspects of interruption. According to German media reports, the federal civil protection and disaster relief agency (BBK) also issued a proposal to hoard food menu". In addition to rice, flour, oil, salt, but also lists the storage of bread, noodles, fruits, vegetables, potatoes, meat, eggs, chocolate and other foods, the specific number of. The civil defense program in formally submitted to the cabinet meeting approved a few days by the German media exposure of the main content, immediately caused intense controversy in germany. Deutsche Welle pointed out that many opposition parties and the masses believe that the plan except "" alarmist" and "panic;" but there is no practical significance. However, the main push of the civil defense plan of the German Interior Minister Demaizie E Jan Juae to plan the rationality and necessity of defense. Demaizie E stressed that the appeal of people hoarding emergency items is not the main focus of this program is located, the core is to strengthen the protection of important infrastructure. He pointed out that Germany’s electricity or water supply facilities were a massive attack is a "real risk"". For more than twenty years of hoarding food and drinking water has not experienced things, Demaizie E reminded that the German government does not recommend people crazy buying". "We want citizens safe and free life, but also we need to take precautions in a smart way." Demaizie E said that the German government is based on the above considerations to give the official reminder, urged the public to raise their own emergency reserves, "after all this (referring to the attack and disaster concerns) is not what’s new, but has long been the." (end)相关的主题文章:

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