After listening to the man call the courier after the owner pretended to express Chongqing evening news impersonator experiencing double 11 rush, perhaps you are happy to wait for the parcel, but need to beware of is, all express with fraud. Yesterday, Jiangbei District police reminded to receive more attention to express delivery. The police, Li Shapingba express little brother sent a piece of nearly 2000 yuan worth of electronic equipment is express, Mr. Huang bought online. To the north of the door to Mr. Wong, Xiao Li let Mr. Wong downstairs call. Less than half a minute, someone came to pick up pieces, Xiao Li asked each other is not surnamed Huang, the other party nodded yes, Xiao Li called to express to him. After signing, the other side with a package to leave quickly. When Li is ready to leave, but also received a phone call from Mr. Huang, Li asked the exact location. After Li found that Mr. Huang express was impersonator. Then go to the impersonator who has disappeared. Police remind, there are criminals take advantage of the double 11 courier busy looting the advantage. The police investigation found that Mr. Huang impersonator express special man, wandering in the cell door, listening to call the courier, the shipper name, building down etc.. And other couriers after the phone, the man posing as a customer, will be taken away courier. Courier found cheated, too late. Chongqing evening news reporter Zhu Jun police said, although not a common phenomenon, but in the busy collection courier, the recipient and courier should pay attention to safety. The delivery charge process, to achieve the following 4 points: first, unsolicited package, refused to pay to receive parcels to be cautious, if not to pay their own online purchases, especially unfamiliar parcels, pay more than delivery costs, decisively rejected. In most cases, the package worth money, the other party may be to make the postage. Approach: first inspection and payment. Two, do not easily give identity information, the other party may pretend to get information when the courier courier received claiming to call ID number and bank card information, determined not to provide. Methods: discarded packaging, express a single, do not forget the destruction, or may disclose name, telephone, address and other personal privacy. Three, the official channels to verify if the claim is a courier company, you have not taken notice of shipment and has expired, you need to dial a telephone inquiry, asked to enter the ID number and other information or pay a fee to delivery, must be vigilant. Approach: call the courier company official phone or log on the official website of the courier company to confirm inquiries. Four, online shopping Master express more to do the best record for each package to buy time and place, timely tracking the latest logistics information, be aware of. Approach: if you find that the shipment is not their own items, please refuse or return. Do not be cheap! Editor: SN117 Kun Qu相关的主题文章:

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