The Ministry of human resources and human resources services: serious dishonesty will face shichangjinru Punishment — Finance — August 24 Beijing Xinhua (Sun Boyang) recently, the Department issued "on the first photo card to strengthen the human resources market after the reform in the post regulatory opinion" (hereinafter referred to as the "opinions"), deputy director general Zhang Wenmiao of the Ministry of human resources and social human resources market department said that the "opinions" for the first time put forward the implementation of post regulatory approach in human resources services, human resource services for serious violations of dishonesty, implementation shichangjinru by revoking the license etc., the formation of a dishonest, Joint Disciplinary Mechanism restricted "the. Zhang Wenmiao said, opinions for the first time more comprehensive, systematically put forward the matter in the post regulatory mechanism, this mechanism is divided into the following four aspects: first, the implementation of random checks regulatory system. The law, regulations and regulations of the inspection items, vigorously promote random checks, and constantly improve the proportion of random checks in the market supervision. In accordance with the "double random, open" principle, the establishment of the inspection object, randomly selected randomly from the inspection of law enforcement personnel of the "double random" random mechanism, strictly limit the discretion. The development of human resources market random list, clear random basis, subject, content, methods, and according to the laws and regulations of the revision and the actual dynamic adjustment to the public in a timely manner. More than the complaint, included in the list of operating anomalies or serious violations of the law and other human resources services, increase the intensity of random checks. Spot checks found illegal acts, according to the law to increase the intensity of punishment, the formation of an effective deterrent. Spot checks and investigation results to the public in a timely manner, to accept social supervision. Two is to build trustworthy incentives and dishonesty disciplinary mechanism. To further promote the integrity of human resources services to create activities, the establishment of credit archives covering the whole industry, according to the classification management to promote the integrity of information sharing, in the collection, use, disclosure and other aspects, to strengthen the role of credit constraints on human resources services. To guide the human resources service institutions to fulfill their legal obligations, take the initiative to accept social supervision, and improve the level of autonomy. Establish and improve the level of evaluation criteria and system of human resources service institutions, and promote the integrity of the system of institutionalized, standardized, long-term. Exploration of credit incentives and disciplinary measures, actively coordinate industry and commerce, finance, taxation, finance, news and other departments, human resources services to law-abiding integrity, market access, investment and financing, enterprise registration, bidding, government procurement, rewards and other aspects of the implementation of incentive measures; human resource services to break. In the security service permit, license, practitioners qualifications, qualifications and other aspects of the audit shall be restricted or prohibited; human resource services for serious violations of dishonesty, implementation shichangjinru by revoking the license etc., the formation of a dishonest joint disciplinary mechanism, limited ". Three is to establish an annual report publicity system. To encourage the country to explore the establishment of the system of the publicity of the annual report of human resources services, study and formulate specific measures, time limit and clear requirements of human resources services submitted to the market management department annual report content, and publicity to the community service development situation)相关的主题文章:

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