The next 3 years, South Korea intends to invest 1 billion 100 million yuan to promote the Lunar Reconnaissance project of the original title: Han intends to invest 1 billion 100 million yuan to promote the next 3 years the first lunar reconnaissance project [global network reporter Li Xiaofei reported] according to Yonhap News reported on February 28th, Korea’s future creation science department recently and 12 departments jointly held the twenty-third meeting of the committee to revitalize the pragmatic development of the universe. To finalize the "2016 plan" and "the universe development 2016 universe technology industrialization strategy implementation plan" etc.. According to the plan, South Korea will invest 200 billion won (about 1 billion 57 million yuan) in the next three years to promote the first lunar exploration project in South Korea history. Specifically, the Korean government decided to invest 746 billion 400 million won in 2016 for the development of space technology, in order to ensure the ability to launch independently, and develop satellite independently according to the needs of the satellite, and accelerate the work of lunar exploration. The South Korean government will first invest 197 billion 800 million won in the next three years to promote the first lunar exploration project in South Korea’s space development history, and to promote an international agreement on technical cooperation with nasa. In addition, the South Korean government will continue to ensure the independent ability to promote the South Korean rocket projectile development project, in order to meet the national security and other aspects of the demand, the universe independently based technology lay plans to develop 6 satellites, to protect citizens from falling objects and the universe universe threat assets and strengthen the response system. In addition, through the full use of national satellite information, to build new markets based on satellite information, the Korean government will build a national satellite intelligence integrated support system to support the private sector to open up new industrial areas. Editor in chief: SN226

韩拟未来3年投入11亿元推进月球勘测项目   原标题:韩拟未来3年投入11亿元推进首个月球勘测项目   【环球网报道 记者 李小飞】据韩联社2月28日报道,韩国未来创造科学部近日与12个有关部门共同召开第23次宇宙开发振兴务实委员会会议,敲定《2016年宇宙开发执行计划》和《2016年宇宙技术产业化战略执行计划》等。据计划,韩国将在未来三年投入2千亿韩元(约合人民币10.57亿元)推进韩国史上首个月球勘测项目。   具体来看,韩国政府决定2016年为宇宙技术开发投资7464亿韩元,以确保自主发射火箭能力,按卫星需求而自主开发人造卫星,加快推进月球勘测工作。   韩国政府首先将在未来三年投入1978亿韩元推进韩国宇航开发史上第一个月球勘测项目,推进与美国航空航天局签署关于技术合作的国际协议。   另外,韩国政府将继续为确保自主发射火箭能力推进韩国型发射体开发项目,为适应国家安全等方面的需求、奠定宇宙技术自主化基础共计划研发6颗卫星,为保护公民不受宇宙坠落物体威胁和宇宙资产而加强应对体系。   此外,为通过充分利用国家卫星信息,打造基于卫星信息的新市场,韩国政府还将构建国家卫星情报综合支援系统,扶持民间部门开辟新产业领域。 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章:

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