The old play bone "ruthless role" Wang Jinsong to celebrate the "sparrow" new battlefield Tencent entertainment news by Li Yifeng, Dongyu Zhou, Li Xiaoran, Zhang Luyi, Zhang Ruoyun, Wang Jinsong and many other idols and the strength of the actor to join the Spy Drama "sparrow" in late September 5th 19:30 in Hunan TV Golden theater broadcast only on blood. The drama is based on screenwriter Matt the original novel Spy Drama revolution, by Jin Chen, director Zhou Yuanzhou, the play focuses on the deep hidden in the Chen Wang puppet spy headquarters chief Bi Zhongliang side, codenamed "sparrow" appointed by workers of the secret message, the success of "stealing" puppet government "zero" plan the story. Flute female film actor who plays Wang Jinsong Li Moqun signed in the TV series "the sparrow", is Bi Zhongliang’s boss, Xu Bicheng’s uncle. One person said the director of Wang puppet government agent headquarters No. 76, is a wily and resourceful ruthless role. Behind the fierce eyes in his hypocrisy film exposure of the trailers heavy hidden conspiracy. Chen and his deep struggle, seemingly calm Lake Placid, but the lake is surging undercurrent. On the surface of gentle elegance, his people have ma desultorily, not know much. Actually he is a razor, the number 76 is full of his line, his hands completely in every act and every move. Whether it is the interpretation of heroes and villains, Wang Jinsong will be the role of interpretation was penetrating, the old drama of bone played by Wang Jinsong Li Moqun and Li Yifeng Lee as fresh strength, surface secretly rivalry and fighting without showing feelings; he had played the "war" in the "Peking no smoking" security bureau chief Wang Puchen a Beijing "Nirvana in Fire" angle, "said Hou Ye"; and the "sparrow" in order to achieve purpose in the dark to the seized dangerous "sparrow" deliberately plan, step by step inside Li Moqun, and there will be what kind of spark? Wang Jinsong said "Li Moqun’s Sparrow", and "Nirvana in Fire" in "Yan Hou Ye", "white blood red" in KMT Secretary Ding Feng, or the recent upcoming broadcast of "sister sister" in Lu Shou warlords are very different cloud: "Li Moqun angle character in convergence, emotional struggle in particular, with fresh faction PK acting collocation also opened up a new battlefield new interpretation." When the Anti Japanese War and the victory of the world anti fascist war 71 anniversary, "ruthless role" Wang Jinsong together with you to experience that year, only the motherland and faith to live up to the feelings. The deep end, Chen will encounter the unknown danger how? How many plots will Li Moqun have? Hunan TV Golden theater broadcast only, "sparrow" revealed for you!相关的主题文章:

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