The police 3 hours to save two people commit suicide woman and the family quarrel after drinking the Modern Express News (reporter correspondent Wang Xiaoyu Xinghan) before and after the afternoon of September 17th, Lianyungang 110 command center 3 hours to connect to two calls, after the alarm, the police immediately launched action, has rescued two people commit suicide, one of them because women with family quarrel, even "yiyanbuge" chose to drink pesticide Dutch act, fortunately rescued promptly, timely out of danger. At 13 o’clock in the afternoon, 110 command center received a mass warning, said the Haizhou District of Jinping town Tao Wan Village, a man cutting wrist suicide. After the alarm, the police immediately rushed to the scene, while informing the 120 to the scene to carry out emergency treatment. After arriving at the scene, police found a man lying on the ground, foaming at the mouth, the left wrist was cut, placed next to the bottle of sleeping, the police immediately use to carry first-aid equipment, simple emergency measures for the man, to avoid further deterioration of the situation. 120 ambulance arrived at the scene, the police also cooperate with ambulance personnel to send suicide medical treatment, and contacted the family of the man. After investigation, the man Yemou (male, 37 years old) suffering from depression, coupled with the recent emotional instability, while the family do not pay attention to, take medicine after the attempted Dutch act. Only 3 hours later, the 110 command center once again received a mass warning, said Xu Dongshan New District Dongshan cemetery door, there is a woman drinking pesticide suicide. Area police rushed to the scene, found a woman lying on the ground, half a bottle of pesticide around, has no consciousness. Because the 120 are still on the way to the scene, the police will make a prompt decision, the woman carried to the police, rushed to the nearest hospital. After investigation, the woman named Panmou (female, 42 years old), at noon that day with my family because of a trivial quarrel in the Dongshan cemetery, even spur of the moment we drink pesticide Dutch act. Due to timely rescue, the above two suicide citizens are successfully separated from the danger of life. The families of the two people express their heartfelt thanks to the police for their timely assistance.

民警3小时救两名轻生市民 女子和家人吵架后喝农药现代快报讯(记者 王晓宇 通讯员 星汉)9月17日下午,连云港市110指挥中心前后3小时接连接到两起求助电话,接警后,民警立即展开行动,先后救下了两名轻生市民,其中一名女子只因跟家人发生口角,竟然“一言不合”就选择喝农药自杀,所幸被救及时,及时脱离了危险。当天下午13时许,110指挥中心接到群众报警,称海州区锦屏镇陶湾村有名男子割腕自杀。接警后,民警立即赶往现场,同时通知120到现场开展急救。到达现场后,民警发现有一名男子躺在地上,口吐白沫,左手腕部被割伤,旁边放有安眠药瓶,民警当即使用携带的急救装备,对该男子做简单的急救措施,避免其伤势的进一步恶化。120急救车到达现场后,民警又配合救护人员将自杀男子送医治疗并联系了该名男子家属。经调查了解,该男子叶某(男,37岁)因患抑郁症,加之近期情绪不稳,当日趁家人不注意,选择吃药后割腕自杀。仅仅3个小时后,110指挥中心再次接到群众报警,称徐圩新区东山公墓门前,有一名女子喝农药自杀。辖区民警赶到现场后,发现有一名女子躺在地上,身边放有半瓶农药,已经没有任何意识。因120仍在前往现场的路上,民警当机立断,将该女子抬上警车后,送往最近的医院进行抢救。经调查了解,该女子名叫潘某(女,42岁),当天中午与家人在东山公墓处因琐事发生口角,竟然一时想不开便喝农药自杀。由于救援及时,上述两名轻生市民都顺利脱离生命危险。两人的家人对民警的及时救助都表示衷心的感谢。相关的主题文章:

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