The price of coal to the other extreme   development and Reform Commission convened dozens of coal enterprises to start plan suppression – energy – in recent times, coal prices continued to fluctuate. The day before, the NDRC convened dozens of coal enterprises held curb prices rising too fast plans to start work, and will implement the coal classification response mechanism. In addition, the industry has been concerned about the 276 day working system has not let go. This year, the coal industry has achieved certain results to capacity, as of the end of August, the capacity to finish the task 60%. But if coal prices continue to rise, will hinder the capacity to work. Analysts said that coal prices will remain at a reasonable interval, and continue to promote reform of the supply side and the coal industry production capacity, is the main reason for the development and Reform Commission to develop plans. Curb the rapid rise in recent plans to start coal, domestic coal prices continuously rising fast, in order to ensure the supply of the coal market, stabilize fluctuations in coal prices, in September 8th, the NDRC called Shenhua coal, with coal, McEntire and other dozens of coal prices held steady supply of coal, coal prices rose too fast inhibition in Beijing plans to start work conference. Vice president of China Coal Industry Association Jiang Zhimin pointed out at the meeting, the national coal demand slowdown trend has not changed, the recent coal prices continued to rise rapidly there are four main reasons: one is the high temperature in July and August this year, electricity consumption increased. Two is the summer more heavy rain, coal transportation blocked. Three is the effect of the production capacity is relatively obvious, super capacity production, illegal production and low-quality coal production has been effectively controlled. The four is the change of market expectations, do not buy or buy up the psychological serious, some dealers began to hoard of coal, coal prices malicious speculation. It is understood that the "stable coal supply, coal prices rose too fast suppression plan" has been submitted to the State Council, will be released in the near future; the content of the plan includes the starting conditions, the implementation of principal, etc.. Participate in the implementation of the coal supply and demand adjustment plan has 74 coal mines, which are both in line with the advanced production capacity standards, but also voluntarily assume the task of stabilizing the total market regulation. At the same time, the plan also proposed three and two, a level response mechanism: three level response, Bohai thermal coal price rose to 460 yuan, rose for two consecutive weeks, the average yield of 200 thousand tons, including the response range of Jin Shan Meng, 53 coal mines; in response to two, coal prices rose to 480 yuan, while the average daily output of 300 thousand tons, including the response range of Shanxi and Shaanxi provinces and Mongolia, Shandong, Henan, Anhui, Jiangsu, 66 coal mines; a response, coal prices rose to 500 yuan, while the average daily output of 500 thousand tons, is in the range of 74 coal mines nationwide. Response to the stop condition: the price fell to 490 yuan, down for the first time in a row for the first time in a row for the first time in two weeks, down to $470, level two, and down to $460. The current price for two consecutive weeks in more than $480, in line with the response level of two. Haitong Securities analyst Li Miao pointed out last week, the latest Bohai thermal coal price at RMB 515 tons, the probability of this week to continue at 500 yuan a ton, the fastest response is expected to start in mid September. The coal production capacity to 60% tasks have been completed this year, the coal industry capacity to work like a raging fire, soaring coal prices in some degree)相关的主题文章:

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