The Shijiazhuang air show a plane crash that killed 4 people are still investigating the cause of the Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Wang Yu Wang Wei) 15, 4 pm, Shijiazhuang general aviation exhibition and love to fly off the flight assembly, a plane is flying experience of the plane crash, 30 pilots and three passengers were killed in the accident the accident caused no casualties on the ground. It is understood that the audience of tens of thousands of people visit the scene show, the pilot industry analysts believe that the stall may be the cause of aircraft accident, but the stall is not clear, the reason of the accident is still under investigation. The plane crash before turning slope on the afternoon of 15, held in Shijiazhuang Luancheng District 2016 Shijiazhuang general aviation exhibition and conference organizing committee show love to fly off the flight news release, September 15, 2016 4 pm 02 minutes in flight after the end of the show, an experience flying hawk 500 aircraft crashed in the south of the runway in the farmland, the crew 1 people, including the pilot experience flight 3 passengers dead, no casualties on the ground. Another source said the passengers, including two children, but the news has not been officially confirmed. According to informed sources, the 500 is the first China frame in Chinese civil aviation airworthiness regulations design and production, with independent intellectual property rights of the light multi-purpose aircraft. Some netizens said that the plane crashed in the air and finally made a evasive action to avoid the ground crowd, eventually falling in a nearby cornfield. It is understood that the plane belongs to the Shijiazhuang love to fly off the company, the incident is in flight experience flight carnival. The flight Carnival since September 13th, as of today. Prior to the completion of the flight show, the scene organized the audience to experience flying. The accident occurred in the flight experience process, after the accident, the scene has been blocked. According to participate in the show, conference industry sources, the pilots called Zhao Lei, 30 years old this year, a three year old Zhao Lei, probably in 2013 entered the school when the pilot Zhonghangfei love to fly. After the accident, the reporter linked to the scene to participate in the flight before the pilot Yu Yang, the incident, he just completed the flight to leave the scene. According to Yu Yang introduction, Shijiazhuang love to fly off the flight assembly in the domestic scale after the Zhuhai air show, and a year will be held several times, flight performance and flight experience is part of the contents of the two air show, flying experience of commercial operation is part of the show, the audience can participate in the experience of buying tickets. After watching the video of the crash, Yu Yang said, before the plane crash slope too large, the aircraft should be the reason for the crash. Some netizens said that the show’s flight experience 500 dollars at a time, many people choose to participate. The original night of the theatrical performances and the 16 day of the General Assembly flight canceled. The company licenses and taste do not belong to the "black fly" industry experts said that the aircraft company aircraft production license, airworthiness certificate, the flight does not belong to the black fly. According to the situation of the video and the scene, the quality of the aircraft, the quality of the oil and the interference factors on the airplane and the scene may be the cause of the accident. .相关的主题文章:

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