The three section report: Kobe singled out the book ho cited cheered Lakers 60-83 Hornets – Sohu sports Beijing time on February 1st, 2015-16 NBA regular season continues, the Lakers took home court against the hornets. This service, Jeremy Lin returned to the starting lineup, Kobe also return to the starting stage, the three day after the Lakers, temporarily behind 60-83. Jeremy Lin Kobe also back the first festival, Marvin Williams even in the two record three points, Makigi shot, the Hornets leading 7-0. Lewis – Williams made two fouls, helping the Lakers break the scoring shortage. After that, Clarkson scored three points, but the Lakers were 10-9 against the score. But soon, Maijiji three net, Jeremy Lin jumper, the Hornets played 12-0 wave of attacks, to regain the advantage. After this festival, Kobe jump shot continues to succeed, and finally scored. Kelly jump shot, one shot, Lakers 16-21 temporarily behind. Kobe returned two minutes 11 times, Jeremy Lin PJ-, Hairston three consecutive hits, leading the Hornets to two digits. But since then, Kobe has found the ball feel, from this section 8 minutes and 20 seconds, he took over the Lakers attack, has hit 3 three pointers in the outside line, and one foul, two penalty in all. In more than two minutes of time, to get a staggering 11 points. Unfortunately, Kobe’s ability, but can not help the Hornets split points indentation. This quarter, Marvin three points again, the Hornets lead has reached more than 15 points. Clarkson hit the jumper, he Kyrgyzstan foul free throws into the second half, the Lakers finished, continue to lag behind 43-58. Kobe singled out Jeremy lead cheers easy side battles, a difference is not much changed, Jeremy Lin assists Marvin Williams jumper, the Hornets are still 10 points ahead. Despite the next, Kobe once again force, he once hit Jeremy Lin, back to jump into the net, once received Lewis – Williams three points hand hit. But, after the Lakers, but caught in the scoring drought, but in defence, they also Its loopholes appeared one after another. After this festival, Kaminski suddenly buttoned up, Hornets have been fully ahead of 20 points. Daniels scored three points, and the three quarter finished, Hornets 83-60 temporarily lead. The Hornets starting lineup: Maijiji, Marvin – Williams, Hois, Jeremy Lin, Walker began the Lakers starting lineup: Kobe, Randall, Hibbert, Lewis – Williams, Jordan – Clarkson (Poirot)

三节战报:科比单挑书豪引欢呼 湖人60-83黄蜂-搜狐体育  北京时间2月1日,2015-16赛季NBA常规赛继续进行,湖人坐镇主场迎战黄蜂。此役,林书豪伤愈复出进入首发阵容,科比同样回归首发登场,三节打完,湖人60-83暂时落后。   林书豪科比同时复出   首节一上来,马文-威廉姆斯连中两记三分,迈基吉罚球也中,黄蜂7-0领先。路易斯-威廉姆斯造犯规两罚全中,助湖人打破得分荒。此后,克拉克森三分连中,湖人反倒10-9反超了比分。但很快,迈基吉三分入网,林书豪跳投也进,黄蜂由此打出12-0的攻击波,重新夺回了优势。本节后段,科比跳投连续得手,终于有分数入账。凯利跳投也中,单节打完,湖人16-21暂时落后。   科比发威两分钟11分   次节,林书豪、PJ-海尔斯顿连续三分命中,黄蜂领先达到两位数。但此后,科比找到了投篮手感,从本节8分20秒开始,他接管了湖人进攻,先后在外线命中3个三分球,还有一次造犯规两罚全中。在两分多钟时间里,飞侠就得到了惊人的11分。可很遗憾,科比一人的能力,却无法帮黄蜂将分差缩进。本节后段,马文三分再中,黄蜂领先优势已达到15分之多。克拉克森跳投命中,迈基吉造犯规罚球也进,半场打完,湖人43-58继续落后。   科比单挑书豪引欢呼   易边再战,场上战局没有太大改观,林书豪助攻马文-威廉姆斯跳投命中,黄蜂依旧领先10分。尽管接下来,科比再度发力,他一次背打林书豪,后仰跳投入网,一次接到路易斯-威廉姆斯三分张手命中。但无奈,湖人之后却又陷入了得分荒,而在防守中,他们也是漏洞百出。本节后段,卡明斯基暴扣得手,黄蜂已足足领先了20分之多。丹尼尔斯三分再中,三节打完,黄蜂83-60暂时领先。   黄蜂首发阵容:迈基吉、马文-威廉姆斯、霍伊斯、林书豪、肯巴-沃克   湖人首发阵容:科比、兰德尔、希伯特、路易斯-威廉姆斯、乔丹-克拉克森   (波洛)相关的主题文章:

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