The United States pushed the "price war"   more than 1 thousand and 700 stores launched the super welfare day – home appliances — original title: the United States pushed the "price war" more than 1 thousand and 700 stores starting 9.9 super welfare day on big data, accurate insight into the basis of supply chain advantages and commodity management ability as the support, strong links to achieve the fans many visitors will be purchased as a means, the United States will once again swept the country, creating a new record of home appliance retail." Today, the "9.9 super welfare day" to start the ceremony, Gome President Wang Junzhou announced last year 9.17, 12.18, three and 4.15 year nationwide after the purchase, the United States "super welfare day" will be held in September 9th in the grand opening of more than 1 thousand and 700 stores. The United States "super welfare day" for the first time in 2015, it abandoned the traditional mass advertising advertising form, a fan of the economy as groupkey means, so that the true consumer demand for admission, enjoy the preferential price of the United States internal staff. Ma Hailin, vice president of the United States said that in addition to the store sales personnel individual set off, the United States and other countries across the country to carry out different business units. Logistics, installation, after-sales service is also in the service of consumers, to introduce its activities. In the era of fragmentation of information, the United States to expand the breadth and depth of communication, breaking the information transmission of the last mile, creating their own social dividend. 2015 "9? 17 super welfare day, Gome employees visited nearly 5 million business units issued about 2300000 tickets, and eventually hit the actual number of people into the store more than 3 million passengers, the number of customer turnover exceeded 650 thousand passengers, the next line store price of 5595 yuan, more than 4 billion 260 million yuan of sales China home appliance retail industry daily record sales. Super welfare day is not only a synonym for ultra low price of home appliances, but also the next line store experience and high-quality logistics, after-sales service combination of boxing. Many consumers Chibidaigou on the other day, "super welfare day" has become the "golden name card sales in the United states". This year, the store moved on to the home appliance industry experience shopping experience in the store, the scene is added, as the pioneer home appliance retail scene experience, Gome has been in the lead in the transformation of the nearly 50 stores. The year is expected to complete the 100-120 store renovation, 400 VR stores, office building, covering 250 net gaming game area and Xbox College of water big screen area the 100 transformation objectives. In addition, the United States will also integrate content providers, quality manufacturing enterprises to further promote the landing of the Internet TV system. It is expected that in 2018 the United States sold the color TV are Internet tv. Wang Junzhou said that the scene of experience based on the idea that the United States will further build the retail ecosystem, through the floor kitchen, entertainment, gaming, Internet TV and home design five system, promote online and offline traffic entrance fusion, to attract young consumer groups, leading the transformation of the real economic recovery. It is reported that, in order to prepare for the purchase will be, the United States and the various business sectors with large data as the core相关的主题文章:

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