The woman and her boyfriend at night lying central road car was killed while the angry dispute recumbent Road, while driving at night without paying attention to the road, three people who did not think so they have to pay dearly for their own self willed. The early morning of February 4th, a traffic accident happened in Wenzhou Oubei Yongjia Luofu street in front of China Construction bank. Monitor display at 03 10 or so, a pair of men and women appear in the section of the incident, two people may have an argument, on the road for nearly 4 minutes, passing vehicles have bypass avoidance. At 3:12, two people go to the middle of the street. The woman was directly lying on the ground, the man squat beside her. A taxi in the rear will hit the right wheel in time to avoid it. But in the next ten days, and there was a white TOYOTA car quickly from two people behind the monitor can not see a car has emergency measures significantly, but went straight into them. Two people were instantly rolled to the bottom of the car, the car ran over two people. The accident caused the woman knocked a few meters died on the spot, the men’s legs were seriously injured. Wenzhou Yongjia traffic police squadron Oubei duty police received the alarm rushed to the scene, a white TOYOTA sedan parked in the south north direction lane, the driver was a young woman Chen, the incident was accompanied by a male friend, two people are natives of Yongjia, for the accident, Chen said at that time the road was dark, not seen at the time of the ground two. At present, TOYOTA driver Chen has been controlled by the public security department, the specific circumstances of the case is now under further investigation. The new year, drivers and pedestrians must pay attention to traffic safety, peace and safety, others, not because of their own willful tragedy. Source: Zhejiang traffic sound editor: SN226

女子与男友争执 半夜躺路中央遭车轧死   一边是争执赌气横卧马路,一边是深夜驾车不注意路况,三个人谁也没想到,他们要为自己的任性付出如此惨痛的代价。 2月4日凌晨,温州永嘉县瓯北罗浮大街的建行门口发生了一起交通事故。监控显示凌晨03点10分左右,一对男女出现在事发路段,两人可能起了争执,在马路上停留了近4分钟,路过的车辆纷纷绕行避让。   3点12分,两人走到了马路中央,女子竟然直接躺倒在地,男子则半蹲在她旁边。后方一辆出租车及时向右打方向盘避让而行。 但就在紧接着十秒左右的时间里,又有一辆白色丰田轿车从两人后面迅速开来,监控上看不出轿车有明显的紧急措施,而是径直撞向了他们。两人瞬间被卷到车底,轿车从两人身上碾了过去。事故导致女子被撞飞数米当场死亡,男子腿部受伤严重。   温州永嘉交警瓯北中队值班民警接到报警赶到现场时,一辆白色丰田轿车停在南往北方向车道上,肇事司机是一位年轻女性陈某,事发当时同行的还有一位男性友人,两人都是永嘉本地人,对于事故的发生,陈某表示由于当时路面昏暗,实在没有看到当时地面的两人。 目前,丰田驾驶员陈某已被公安部门控制,案情具体情况目前正在进一步调查中。过年了,司机与行人都一定要注意交通安全,平安自己平安他人,切勿为因为自己的一时任性而造成悲剧。 来源:浙江交通之声 责任编辑:苏未然 SN226相关的主题文章:

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