[this] brother Daliaohe said "anti God drama" really changed my views recently, Liao brother saw a similar "house of cards" ". In the play, China illegally detained American citizens, deployed missiles to control the South China Sea, Southeast Asia, military provocation…… So, this script is good familiar, is how to write back?! In short, it is a very strong China can bully people, the United States is very weak and very weak, and finally the United States was forced to come forward to fight against the anti Chinese drama". You’re right! What I want to say is secretary of state. The main plot of the play, is to see how the heroine of the halo halo in dealing with the international crisis, office politics and family life hanging. Broadcast to the third season third episode, a writer finally did not hold back the black hands toward the China. Just so, the standard confuse right and wrong…… Screenwriter you come, we promise not to hit you! Then, before the write must not take the writers to find information, Liao brother as students of science, history and geography are rolling you ah! You can when hedeheneng! Again, the South China Sea is! Don’t disgrace, you know? What big threat, interference in internal affairs, we are when you say shunzui, a don’t be careful and keep us on. Net friends are angry! But what’s it like to take away our Panda?!!! Understand, who is the panda?! Liao brother also can not endure! What is the panda will not return to you (China)? But we can give you the loan treasure, is our light, when it is on business travel. What is it? Also want to seize the bear? Against you! Look brother want to roll up the sleeves out two laps! A closer look, the two countries playing a role both visual sense is stronger. Upstairs I the whole drama actress as US Secretary of state, all shining American pacifist and heroic light, almost blind eyes brother. Dear baby, you have to destroy coral! Don’t you give it to me? The U.S. aircraft carrier battle group into the South China Sea, China’s response to the ship approaching warships, Secretary of state, but a face innocent. This is also the focus of a Chinese fighter plane crashed into the U.S. aircraft carrier in the South China Sea, killing 3 U.S. soldiers killed. It is 01 years in the United States reconnaissance aircraft in the South China Sea provocation, caused by Chinese fighter crashed killed a replica of the ah! This out of combat, brother is also a capital ""! Such a comparison, I Chinese the Japanese oratorio, what a bullet hit the aircraft, shredded devils, it is too childish. Don’t say, brother quickly wash eyes! Source: comprehensive military observer network, predator相关的主题文章:

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