Tianjin pancake fruit by the Japanese "copy" to do more than Chinese also fire in Tianjin people, eating pancakes Guo son is the most important cultural symbol of Tianjin, Tianjin pancakes Guo son even joking in the field as a "cult". About the origin of pancakes Guo son, serious criticism is originated from Anhui Bengbu Guzhen, more than and 600 years ago in Tianjin at the beginning of the establishment of pancakes Guo son has appeared. Slowly, Japan is a pancake, someone put it into Okonomiyaki, someone translated it as Okonomiyaki, assorted pancakes. Now the Japanese pancake culture has been extended to a variety of areas, and derived a new species. Japan’s Royal teriyaki and Chinese pancake fruit, are used in the starch, egg, sauce and onion, and all layers of both". Biscuit (English Senbei or sembei) a Japanese gamigo. In China way, more like burritos and pancakes, while in Japan, it is usually hard and can eat a small snack, rather than dietary. However, similar to the way Japan can also be found in China cookies. The modern name is Chinese biscuit (or shellfish) (pinyin: Xianbei), which reflects the "Senbei" (pancake) language pronunciation. As everyone knows the shrimp, is actually a Japanese pancake, did not expect.相关的主题文章:

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