To help lower the real economy cost of enterprise development and Reform Commission stressed two starting point – Beijing, China News Agency, Beijing, August 25 (Chen Su) 25 days, in order to reduce the real economy cost of enterprise work plan before the State Council issued "(hereinafter referred to as the" work plan ") of the 8 aspects of the 30 measures, the NDRC official China website posting, emphasize tax control and reduce the cost of energy using the importance of the two measures. According to official data, 1 to July private investment grew by only 2.1%, steel, coal and other industries are still at a loss. "Tax regulation is the most important policy tool for the government to adjust the cost of enterprises under the market economy." Deputy director of the financial research China NDRC Economic Research Institute of finance Xu Sheng believes that reducing taxes on one hand can save more money for the enterprise, on the other hand can increase return on investment, stimulate the expansion of the scale of investment. Xu Sheng pointed out that the new scheme of system cleanup and merge, part of the government charges be inopportune or inappropriate to promote business innovation, in addition, accelerate economic restructuring, "work plan" also highlights the cost of research and innovation. In recent years, China has implemented a number of tax cuts and policy measures. For example, since May 1, 2016, China comprehensively replacing business tax with value-added tax(VAT) pilot, estimated annual tax amounted to more than RMB 500 billion yuan. In addition, there is a resource tax reform, a series of tax incentives for small and micro enterprises, the abolition and exemption of a number of administrative fees, clean up and standardize the import and export aspects of the charges, etc.. Xu Sheng said that the current Chinese government debt rate is not high, the implementation of the proactive fiscal policy at the same time, the incremental tax cuts of two articles, promote structural tax cuts and space. Through the implementation of policy combination punches, the national industrial enterprises above designated size is expected to further decline in the cost of the main business revenue per hundred yuan. In addition, the work program also explicitly put forward the enterprise electricity, gas pricing mechanism significantly enhance the degree of market, industrial and commercial electricity and industrial gas prices reasonable reduction of the target task. The National Energy Research Institute of energy economics and development center director Zhang Yousheng pointed out that this is the real economy with huge energy Chinese, with relatively high cost, different energy industry market price in different levels and different varieties of energy and do not decline in space based decision making. He pointed out that to achieve the above goals, we must start from three aspects. One is to accelerate the reform of the energy sector, liberalization of the competitive aspects of the price; two is to accelerate the reform of power system, reduce the enterprise electricity cost; three is the release of energy price reform dividend, effectively reduce the burden on enterprises. Zhang Yousheng is expected this year, market users direct trading of electricity can reach 1 trillion kilowatts, the average power consumers reduce direct transaction price 5.1 cents per kilowatt hour, enterprises can reduce electricity expenditure of 37 billion 400 million yuan. (end)相关的主题文章:

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