Japan will promote the technical innovation of UAV control at a minimum – Beijing, Beijing, February 16, according to Japanese media reports, the Japanese government 15 days this month, officials and the public consultation meeting was held to discuss the application of small uav. The meeting will be to confirm the UAV control at a minimum, to avoid interfering with the technological innovation policy. In April 2015, the prime minister’s official residence roof found the drone crashed after the Japanese government to strengthen the UAV flight control area. The meeting shows that the Japanese government will actively promote the research and application of uav. Data figure: uav. Japanese media pointed out that if there is no use in logistics and medical field human progress, we need to establish to avoid conflict with the rules of ordinary plane. To this end, the Japanese government plans to determine the general direction in the autumn before. In the meeting, the Japanese Ministry of internal affairs fire department put forward the fastest in the year 2019 the use of drones to automatically collect information in the disaster site plan. Allegedly, founded by SONY subsidiary Aerosense company (located in Tokyo) is developing a UAV automatic delivery. The Ministry will also be in the volcano prone areas and other fields to promote the application of UAV reconnaissance. Prediction of Japanese Industrial Unmanned Aircraft Association, if the progress of technology development, to undertake 2030 UAV to overseas transport work.

促技术革新 日本将把无人机管制控制在最低限度-中新网   中新网2月16日电 据日媒报道,日本政府本月15日召开了讨论小型无人机应用的官民协商会议。会议确认了将把对无人机的管制控制在最低限度,避免妨碍技术革新的方针。   2015年4月,首相官邸楼顶发现坠落的无人机后,日本政府加强了对无人机飞行区域等的管制。此次会议则显示出日本政府将积极促进无人机的研究和应用试验。 资料图:无人机。   日媒指出,如果无人机在物流和医疗领域的应用取得进展,就需要建立避免与普通飞机发生冲突的规则。为此,日本政府计划在今年秋季前确定大致方向。   会议中,日本总务省消防厅提出了最快于2019年度使用无人机在灾害现场自动收集信息的计划。据称,由索尼的子公司等成立的Aerosense公司(位于东京)正在研发可自动运送物资的无人机。国土交通省也将在火山多发地区的勘测等领域推进应用无人机。   日本产业用无人飞机协会预测,如果技术研发取得进展,到2030无人机担负起向海外运输的工作。相关的主题文章:

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