Tongren   medical poverty; "three benefits" (health Chinese) – Politics – newspaper Tongren on 9 September,   (reporter Hao Yingcan) "protamine biosynthetic human insulin (Novolin 30R) injection, each price from 64.68 yuan to 56.24 yuan, cheap 8 dollars." Yuping City, Tongren province people’s Hospital on the first floor to take the medicine window, came to visit a patient with diabetes, said. The price fell from the Tongren City, the full implementation of the comprehensive reform of the county public hospital in October last year, the city’s 8 counties, 15 county-level public hospital comprehensive cancel drug addition, the implementation of zero profit drug sales. "Only to cancel the drug addition, we reduce the average monthly income of about 200 thousand yuan, but the patient has brought tangible benefits." Zhao Defu, President of Yuping County People’s hospital. In recent years, Tongren city to explore the establishment of Pratt & Whitney + special + fine Fu Hui "medical model of poverty alleviation, effectively solve the masses expensive problem, curb the poverty due to illness. Pratt & Whitney, so that the general public to enjoy health care reform bonus. Remove efforts to promote comprehensive reform of public hospitals at the county level, Tongren also further improve the proportion of medical reimbursement, outpatient compensation standards increased from 50 yuan to 300 yuan. The city’s hospitalization reimbursement Township, county and municipal hospitals increased to 85%, 75%, 65%, an increase of nearly 30 percentage points respectively. At present, Tongren city public participation rate rose from 83.94% in 2007 to 99.70%, the basic realization of full coverage. "Ex gratia", let the illness patients have emboldened. Suffering from aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndrome, from March 2015 to July, Yinjiang County town of villagers Ling e Chang Po Cun Wu Jianghai several times in the Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital hospital treatment, medical expenses spent a total of more than 75 yuan. New rural cooperative medical reimbursement 47 thousand yuan, a serious illness insurance reimbursement of $519 thousand, medical assistance subsidy of 50 thousand yuan." Count, Wu Jianghai home only bear less than 20% of the medical expenses. As early as 2013, the first implementation of the new rural cooperative medical insurance system in Tongren province. This year, the city will be included in the urban residents of major diseases of commercial insurance coverage, and constantly optimize the illness insurance system, the implementation of urban and rural residents serious illness insurance business full coverage, serious illness insurance reimbursement cap line increased from 400 thousand yuan to 500 thousand yuan. Up to now, the city a total of 36199 people get major disease compensation, compensation funds up to $251 million. In addition, Tongren city has also established major diseases fund raising mechanism, in accordance with the "financial subsidies, residents raised, municipal co-ordination" principle, the establishment of urban and rural residents of major diseases fund, the illness insurance fund raised a total of 4 million yuan. "Jing Fu Hui", so that the difficulties of the masses not poverty not poverty. 3 years ago, Yuping County Ping Xi Street four eyes village villagers Yao Wei suffered a car accident, due to high medical expenses not surgery, not the normal action and work, and rely on subsistence living father. This year, Yuping County for one or two households and poor people in participatory illness patients and other 11 groups to implement precise poverty health. Under the coordination of the local cooperative medical management department, in January 19th this year, Yao Wei相关的主题文章:

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