Trick, tie, hair, the world will play "scheming" is fashionable! Introduction: don’t just look at those stars with coarse and very simple delicate hairstyle today, let Xiaobian teach you to new skills — the cross tie hair, a simple enough to let you ride the hairdressing industry for a while! As long as playing a little careful machine, you can make the usual monotonous hairstyle instantly rich, the details are full of amorous feelings! Source: PCLADY method to study under the first flip through the legendary flip through a simple three step method, you can create a reverse sense and rich layers of hair hair has to master the new skills, to mastery, learning, simple style fashion dazzling up immediately. STYLE 1: STYLE 1 heavy plate three gorgeous feeling: gorgeous feeling three step up editor this hairstyle looked a bit complicated, just use the cross tie hair, add a sense of hair on the back of the line. While the regional production of small hair, which is more fresh and gorgeous delicate hair. STYLE 2: gentle Princess half tie hair STYLE 2: gentle Princess half tie hair editor to create the front steps is still a gentle lady fan half tie hair behind, layered and join the cross hair binding elements, will be showing a fine scene closely, let you 360 hassle. STYLE 3: quiet intellectual ponytail STYLE 3: quiet intellectual ponytail editor to create all steps full ponytail, using different crossing method to build, the more chic is not it? Slightly loose and located in the middle of the horsetail, bring a bit quiet and sexy, and twisted hair at the junction of the shape is sweet temperament.

一招花式绑发闯天下 会玩“心机”才时髦!   导读:别只顾着眼红明星那些粗看简单细看又无比精致的发型了,今天让小编传授你绑发新技能——穿越式绑发,简单一招足以让你驰骋美发界一阵子!只要玩儿一点小心机,就能让平日的单调发型瞬间丰富起来,细节之处满是风情!来源:PCLADY 翻转穿越法   首先来学习下传说中的翻转穿越法,简单三步就能打造出具有扭转编发感且层次丰富的发辫,掌握这一新技能后加以融会贯通,活学活用,简单的发型立刻时髦亮眼起来。 STYLE 1:华丽感三重盘发   STYLE 1:华丽感三重盘发 编辑推荐 打造步骤   这款发型看着略显复杂,其实只是运用了穿越式绑发,为背面的发型增添了一份线条感。而分区制作的小发髻,组成精致盘发也更显新鲜华丽。 STYLE 2:温柔的公主半扎发   STYLE 2:温柔的公主半扎发 编辑推荐 打造步骤   正面看依旧是温柔淑女范的半扎发,背后分层并加入穿越式扎发元素,便能呈现出环环相扣的精致景象,让你360度无死角。 STYLE 3:文静知性的马尾辫   STYLE 3:文静知性的马尾辫 编辑推荐 打造步骤   心机十足的马尾辫,采用了不同以往的穿越法来打造,是不是更显别致了呢?略微松垮并位于中部的马尾带来几分文静知性感,而绑发处的扭转造型则尽显甜美气质。相关的主题文章:

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