UMC venture Xiamen 12 inch Fab was completed and put into production 40 nanometer process technology – Sohu [Technews] science news foundries UMC (UMC) 16 announced, with the core of integrated circuit manufacturing, which is located in Xiamen 12 inch Fab joint (Xiamen) Co. Ltd., officially held a grand opening ceremony. This advanced wafer factory to break the past record, since the start of March 2015, only 20 months to start the production of customer products. Using this communication chip Fab 40 nanometer process, the product yield is over 99%. With the core of integrated circuit co founded UMC, Xiamen Municipal People’s government and the Fujian Province Electronic Information Group Three Party joint venture wafer manufacturing company, is Southern China’s first 12 inch wafer foundry. The initial introduction of the 55 and the United States of 40 nanometer production technology, planning a total capacity of up to 50 thousand wafers per month, up to 12 wafers. UMC choose to set up a fab in Xiamen, mainly focused on the geographical position of Xiamen is adjacent to the Taiwan area China, culture, language and climate are quite similar, can get seamless support Chinese UMC Taiwan headquarters. In addition, Xiamen has a sound infrastructure, can provide a wealth of engineering talent resources and logistical support. From now Chinese UMC in mainland China in Suzhou and ship 8 inch fab, and the establishment of joint core will provide more complete foundry services for global customers. UMC CEO Yan Bowen said, with the core of integrated circuit manufacturing (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. in the 20 months of construction is completed, was put into operation, due to the supplier, equipment management and engineering team cooperation and efforts to record this memorable milepost. Yan Bowen further pointed out that the core since March 2015 since the start, in just 1 years, namely the completion of clean room were installed, and completed within 8 months and entered the production pilot run verification. Leadcore technology has professional power, and more than 35 years of experience in manufacturing advantages, can provide high quality manufacturing services for Chinese in mainland China and the global IC design company, to meet the Chinese mainland large electronic products market demand. In the future, UMC is very optimistic about the development of the core, is also a symbol of UMC has entered a stage of growth. (source: Science News homepage photo) for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章:

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