Vice chairman of Chengdu Shuangliu District CPPCC Li Tianfu serious violation was "double" Sichuan online news October 14th, according to the provincial Commission website news, recently, approved by the CPC Chengdu Municipal Committee, Chengdu Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Chengdu Shuangliu (micro-blog) was vice chairman of district CPPCC filing review Li Tianfu serious disciplinary problems. The investigation, Li Tianfu breach of discipline, over the years were not required to declare their property; integrity violations of discipline, accepting subordinate gifts of gold, and used his position to influence their relatives to contract projects; in violation of national laws and regulations, the use of his office, for other business activities and help others to send property received. In violation of the provisions of the state laws and regulations, the use of the convenience of the office to provide help for other people’s business activities and accept the issue of property sent by others suspected of committing crimes. Li Tianfu, as a leading cadre of Party members, loses ideals and beliefs, violates organizational discipline, clean discipline and national laws and regulations, and should be dealt with seriously. According to the relevant provisions of the "Chinese Communist Party disciplinary regulations", and according to the relevant provisions of the "Regulations" punishment of civil servants of administrative organs, the City Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Standing Committee for consideration and approval by the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, decided to give Li Tianfu expelled from the party, dismissed from punishment; their alleged crimes and clues to judicial organs according to law. Editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original, only to expand reading, Hunan seized underage girls prostitution case, two public officials involved in "double open""

成都双流区政协副主席李天夫严重违纪 被“双开”四川在线消息 10月14日,据省纪委网站消息,日前,经中共成都市委批准,成都市纪委对成都市双流(微博)区政协副主席李天夫严重违纪问题进行了立案审查。经查,李天夫违反组织纪律,历年均未按规定如实申报其 房产情况;违反廉洁纪律,收受下属所送礼金,并利用职务影响,为其亲属承揽工程;违反国家法律法规规定,利用职务便利,为他人经营活动提供帮助并收受他人 所送财物。其中,违反国家法律法规规定,利用职务上的便利为他人经营活动提供帮助并收受他人所送财物问题涉嫌犯罪。李天夫身为党员领导干部,理想信念丧失,违反组织纪律、廉洁纪律和国家法律法规规定,应予严肃处理。根据《中国共产党纪律处分条例》有关规定,并参照《行政机关公务员处分条例》有关规定,经市纪委常委会议 审议并报市委常委会批准,决定给予李天夫开除党籍、开除公职处分;将其涉嫌犯罪问题、线索移送司法机关依法处理。编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 湖南查获未成年少女卖淫案 两名公职人员涉案被“双开”相关的主题文章:

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