Visitors at the zoo to feed the panda is called to follow variety show – Sohu news today (November 3rd), users @ panda in micro-blog has long claimed that the tourists feeding bananas to the giant panda in Shanghai zoo, the visitors said that he is learning to a TV program. Panda Internet users have been accused of entertainment programs to mislead the audience, encouraging tourists to feed wild animals without authorization. In this regard, @ the State Forestry administration responded very quickly, said the Department will further strengthen the civilized tourism, animal science propaganda and supervision. Xiao Bian found that the recent TV query, on the "cut up the bananas and feed the panda" program, is the August 26th broadcast variety show "we have come to the" guests, including Angie Chiu, Carina Lau, Karen Mok, Joe Chen, Jiang Yiyan, Sheenah, Xu Jiao, Xi Mengyao, Yuan Hong etc.. That program, they went into the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research base. The daddy nurse’s guidance, they give birth in 2015 from their long, long hair almost down to the milk bowl; with all kinds of fruit to make their cake roll, while you eat; cut the banana scene here. In fact, the giant panda is a love of eating fruits, especially apples, daddy nanny who sometimes appropriate for them to eat some bananas, watermelon, sugarcane and other fruits. However, visitors are not allowed to feed fruit to the giant panda, first, food safety issues, two pandas can not eat too much fruit, otherwise it will hurt the stomach. In addition, the giant panda although afraid of heat, love ice cake, but daddy nanny who do not often give them to eat ice, eating more will damage the gastrointestinal function, to remind everyone in this small series, don’t give them rolling popsicles for snacks. Xiao Bian found that in this program, there are some errors in the panda. For example, the guests to the already white and tender rolling them bathe, also continue to emphasize "love bath is a good baby"; in fact, the wild pandas are not often bathe in the zoo, rolling often gives people a dirty impression, because wash the panda’s resistance reduce stress. Therefore, the domestic zoo will build a pool in the panda hall, the giant panda to decide when to wash. Program, the guests a variety of touching rolling, rolling Meng Meng Carina Lau said: panda cute how it to you, you will not be afraid. Although this is her expression of a form of rolling like, but small series is to remind you, a beast ah! The guests contact panda, is about one year old cubs, the daddy nanny who care to grow up, so it is very close to humans. But the adult panda mood is very unstable, even the nanny nanny will keep a distance from them. So, do not imitate the young man, who just jumped into the panda panda panda. The program group is actually want to urge everyone to protect the wild animal, the guests and the panda contact is also complete in daddy nurse’s guidance, however, when the program was broadcast, and did not hit "do not imitate the subtitles to remind the audience, because相关的主题文章:

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