Wang Fei: the dark night sky receded waiting on the women’s sports Sohu –   Beijing February 21st morning, Chinese women’s goalkeeper Wang Fei through micro-blog announced his retirement, the election is directed at the women’s football coach Bruno, then immediately put about two micro-blog retired to delete.   21 in the morning, Wang Fei again released 2 micro-blog, said he had a sleepless night waiting for the dawn, the darkness receded mood, hope Chinese women’s refueling. And this micro-blog just coincides with the former international Li Yi "dawn" classic quotations coincide. In 2005, coach Chi Shangbin during the Shenzhen Jianlibao coach, and the players between the contradictions, to the final class. Then the reporter interviewed Li Yi, Li Yi said: "after dawn." Since then, "dawn" has become a benchmark of Chinese football quotes. And Wang Fei wrote in micro-blog: "a night without sleep, I started climbing, watching the sky lit up, the mood is also slowly better.". Waiting for the sky to shine, waiting for the sun to rise at the moment, Chinese women’s football refueling, when the sun rises, the dark receded, everything is the best. Give yourself a beautiful smile, tell the people who care about me: fly very well when you stand in the peak, the world is at your feet. Good morning "according to Sohu sports reporter, Wang Fei missed the Olympic preliminaries, because with the women’s football coach Bruno on the problem of Liuyang, training and competition state etc. due to irreconcilable contradictions. And Wang Fei’s many micro-blog also confirms this situation. 王飞:黑暗退去一夜未眠 女足加油等待天空亮起-搜狐体育     北京时间2月21日凌晨,中国女足门将王飞通过微博宣布退役,把落选矛头直指女足主帅布鲁诺,随后便马上将有关退役的两条微博删除。     21日清晨,王飞再次发布2条微博,称自己一夜未眠等待天亮,盼黑暗退去心情好转,希望中国女足加油。而这一微博恰与前国脚李毅“天亮了”的经典语录不谋而合。   2005年迟尚斌教练在深圳健力宝执教期间,和球员间矛盾重重,最终引咎下课。随后记者采访李毅,李毅沉吟后说:“天亮了。”从此,“天亮了”成为中国足球一个标杆性的语录。   而王飞在微博中写到:“一夜没睡的我,开始登山,看着天空亮起来心情也慢慢好起来。等待天空亮起等待太阳升起的那一刻中国女足加油,当太阳升起,黑暗退去,一切都是最好的。 给自己一个美美的微笑,告诉关心我的人:飞飞很好当你站在你的山顶,世界就在你的脚下。Good morning”   据搜狐体育记者了解,王飞此次无缘奥预赛,是因为与女足主帅布鲁诺就留洋、训练、比赛状态等问题产生了不可调和的矛盾。而王飞的多条微博也印证了这一情况。相关的主题文章:

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