Watch "pioneer" black shadow? The test results of Blizzard hero after long time "Puzzle" preheating process, finally at the carnival officially announced the "watch" pioneer new hero shadow (Sombra), as a hacker, she can really "black" what? What effect does it have on other heroes? Let’s take a look at. [properties] shadow based initial HP 200 point hack consumption is blood packets according to the recovery of blood was charged, about 12HP won 1% of the charge. Move over time automatic charging. Fast gun damage is about two to 14 points, each resulting in 1% charge, you can get 2-3% continuous fire headshot charge machine will make quasi centroid accuracy range very much, in other words, but after testing 10 meters accuracy is acceptable, but more than 20 meters accuracy not only bad. And the damage will be decreased. So the shadow is more suitable for short distance output. [key] the right skills form (national service for hacking, replaced by hack here), after the actual test the effective distance of 15 meters, 8-9 meters can not hack while moving in the use of hack when being hurt to forcibly stop hack. Hack takes about 1 second to take effect. When used in animation, using the successful control of blood will have the effect of the corresponding hack package there is no limit to the number, but the duration of taking into account the blood bag for 60 seconds and its cooling control 3-4 is the limit, it is not considered the blood bag too far. The right button will silence 6 seconds, and about 21 seconds and there is no other big move, need to pay attention to is, in 21 seconds, if there is no change from, will be very obvious to have a check mark on the head. SHIFT (Chinese translation for optical camouflage, with stealth instead here) there is clear before the shake and shake. Under the condition of stealth attack will xianchuyuanxing, and directly into the cooling state very close can see invisible shadow invisible for 6 seconds, and accelerate the speed of about 100% hack will break Stealth, that is to use hack must be out of stealth, which also shows the skill set, hack hurt skills. E (Chinese translation for transmission, transmission instead of here) can be used in stealth state, and not interrupt state can be transmitted in the duration of the stealth device did not fall before transmitting device for 15 seconds, can be in any position in 15 seconds, no distance limit, but was unable to control the transfer was the silence of the case. Q (National Service translator electromagnetic pulse). Here is the direct use of EMP instead), the effect has exactly the same effect with the right key, but there is no right click: the advantages of prompt and range of EMP before the shake is very short, but EMP can not be used in stealth state. EMP can be used in the air, that is to say you can.相关的主题文章:

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