What can Lippi "let Hengda in" various "in the process and to bring something to break the normal procedure" China football, we must first consider several practical problems in Lippi in the country after the foot. With the Chinese Football Association formally signed with Lippi, Chinese football ushered in the first world champion coach, truly "world famous in the men’s soccer coach position". This result if in three years ago, perhaps the overall development of China soccer will have a relatively large change. Unfortunately, three years ago, the lack of time; three years later, a "let Hengda" although try to win the eye, but this is Lippi’s 12 match in the National Football Association, facing out China again accused and criticism of the embarrassing moment. Why is Lippi willing to teach this country? There are four reasons: first, pay high enough; two, no grade hard strict (12 strong qualifying is not written into the contract); three, China FA promises full Decentralization (or even willing to start a "Naturalization policy" for Lippi); four, Hengda as a strong backing (constant Dazu co the hired as a consultant). These years, many international big stage and super players and coaches are the basic for the "benefit" of the occupation in the world of football no ground for blame. Lippi, of course, is also an unprecedented "profit", but it is not the same as when the club, he did not have to bear the responsibility. In the age of Lippi approach seventy years of age where there are better than this, "hill"? Lippi entered the national foot of the whole process, Hengda walk in the front, the Chinese football association leaders also be "cooperate". Look around the international football club for the national team coach to pay most of the salary is no precedent for such an attempt, the effect remains to be seen! In addition, Hengda discloses they had already signed with Lippi the fact that this means "let Hengda" the plan is likely to be long before the game China and Syria has taken shape, otherwise so calm and efficient football is very difficult in the sudden resignation of Gao Hongbo to solve the problem of coaching. Did Gao Hongbo know nothing about it beforehand? This will not directly affect his command in the 12 game of the battle of Ukraine? "Let Hengda" various "break the normal procedure" in the process and for something, we might face a few problems with Lippi in the country after the foot. First, Lippi is bound to bring their own work team, the Chinese Football Association will not intervene? Two, once the Chinese Football Association and the Lippi team in the course of the conflict in the process of cooperation, then the role of the boss in the end is the consultant or coach of the national team Hengda? Lippi Three, if the 12 match to play in a complete mess, Lippi will continue to perform their duties for three years? Four, even if the performance of their duties for three years, he is familiar with the original class Hengda international also has gone, Lippi can find a wave of young players in just three years? Five, in the next three years, Chinese football will really to the grassroots youth system from the top-level design, all orders from Lippi’s baton? Anyway, don’t count on Lippi to play the "Chinese soccer savior". But for the "world famous" Lippi, let us for his blessing.相关的主题文章:

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