World War II veteran recalls Taierzhuang: Japanese truck rescued general Pang Bingxun war veteran Sun Dianxiu Sun Dianxiu: hand grenades into the camp with sword Archive: Sun Dianxiu, born in 1917 in Xiping County, Henan city of Zhumadian Xiang Yang zhuang. During the war of resistance against Japan, they participated in the battle of Beijing, Fangshan, Taierzhuang and the Dabie mountains. The battle of Taierzhuang, served as the National Revolutionary Army Department Fengcheng sun Lianzhong pool any commander of the 93 brigade 31 division 185 regiment 2 battalion commander Hu Jinshan messenger. "Advance, advance, the light of China, the light of the nation, come up to the revolution; with our blood, in exchange for the light of China."……" About the battle of Taierzhuang, 96 year old Sun Dianxiu look up, can’t help to sing this song in Taierzhuang war encouraged him and his comrades fighting song. According to the old man’s son to the sun, 1934, Sun Dianxiu and the village at the age of 17, more than 100 young Feng Yuxiang took part in the northwest army, embarked on the Anti Japanese front, sunguyou brother 7 people to join the Anti Japanese army Bai Di TERT, finally only Sun Dianxiu alive back home, the rest of the battlefield. Old Sun Dianxiu is still tough, memories of Taierzhuang War: at that time, our troops each a sword, practice every day playing broadsword, practicing boxing training, sweep the leg, the China Kung Fu and Japs fight from the bayonet to work well. Tenodera four or five kg weight, thick tree, a knife cut off. Taierzhuang is at 4 o’clock, on the night of fighting, the Japanese attack at night to sleep. Sir is not a gun, we hold the sword, with 6 grenades, in Taierzhuang from the south gate, touch the devil place to sleep, put a hand grenade to the devil, many killed, the rest of the mess, we waved machetes rushed to see devils cut. Finally captured 3 devils. On the second day, we were ordered to stick to the north gate of Taierzhuang and use machine guns and Czech rifles to shoot the attacking devils. The north gate was the necessary place for the Japanese army to attack Taierzhuang. The fighting was quite tragic and the casualties were heavy. We knocked down a group, and the devils came up again. Hu Buying, commander of the machine gun, Xie Zuqi, the commander of the security company, was injured and sacrificed. When it comes to casualties, the old man says, "I can live, my grandchildren, I’m fine.". Many of their brothers died, and they were heroes!" The old man took the victory of the Anti Japanese War Memorial Medal 60th anniversary "worn on the chest, and then sang songs without high voice. Changdao finally, the old man suddenly raised his voice high, with the right hand, shouting: "red! Chong! Kill!" That momentum, just like on the battlefield fighting knife. Now, the elderly in the village, there are 6 Anti Japanese veterans, the village vacated a bungalow, the establishment of the Anti Japanese veterans activities center. They often gather together, practice calligraphy, watch TV, read newspapers, talk about the year when they attacked the devil.

老兵忆台儿庄大战:开日军卡车救出庞炳勋将军 抗战老兵孙殿修   孙殿修:怀揣手榴弹手握大刀杀进敌营   人物档案:孙殿修,1917年出生于河南驻马店市西平县杨庄乡。抗日战争时期先后参加过北京房山大战、台儿庄大战、大别山大战。台儿庄大战时,任国民革命军孙连仲部池峰城任师长的31师93旅185团2营胡金山营长的传令兵。   “前进、前进,中华的光明,民族的光明,走上来革命;用我们的鲜血,换来中华的光明……”谈起台儿庄大战,96岁的孙殿修神情激昂,不由自主地唱起了这首当年在台儿庄大战中鼓舞他和战友奋勇杀敌的军歌。   据老人的大儿子孙来发介绍,1934年,17岁的孙殿修与本村100多名热血青年报名参加了冯玉祥的西北军,走上了抗日第一线,孙家有叔伯弟兄7人参军抗日,最后只有孙殿修活着回了家,其余全部战死沙场。   年迈的孙殿修依然硬朗,对台儿庄大战记忆犹新:当时,我们部队每人一把大刀,天天练耍大刀,练打拳,练扫堂腿,这些中国功夫与日本鬼子拼起刺刀来很 管用。大刀有四五斤重,碗口粗的树,一刀下去就断了。到台儿庄时是下午4点多钟,当晚就投入了战斗,夜袭睡觉的日军。长官不叫带枪,我们便手握大刀,怀揣 6颗手榴弹,从台儿庄南城门进去,摸到鬼子睡觉的地方,先把手榴弹掷向鬼子,很多炸死,剩下的乱成一锅粥,我们手挥大刀冲上去,见鬼子就砍。最后活捉了3 个鬼子。   第二天,我们奉命固守台儿庄北城门,用机枪、捷克步枪扫射前来进攻的鬼子。北门是日军进攻台儿庄的必经之地,战斗相当惨烈,伤亡很重。我们打倒 一批,鬼子又上来一批。机枪连长胡步营,警卫连长谢祖奇先后受伤牺牲。说到伤亡的战友,老人说:“我能活着,儿孙满堂,已经很好了。许多亲兄弟都牺牲了, 他们才是英雄!”   老人拿出“抗日战争胜利六十周年纪念奖章”戴在胸前,然后又唱起了军歌,声音高吭。唱到最后,老人突然提高声音,高高挥起右手,大喊一声:“冲!冲!杀呀!”那劲头,俨然就是在战场上挥刀杀敌。   现在,老人所在的村里还有6名抗战老兵,村里腾出一间平房,设立了抗日老兵活动中心。他们经常聚在一起,练书法、看电视、读报纸,谈论当年打鬼子的事。相关的主题文章:

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