Wuhan white-collar latest average monthly salary of 6572 yuan, you drag the hind legs? (Figure) yesterday (26), Zhaopin released the autumn of 2016 Wuhan employers demand and white-collar supply report, white-collar workers in Wuhan average monthly salary of 6527 yuan before taxes, ranking seventeenth in 34 major cities nationwide. And the following ten industry practitioners don’t have to worry about dragging their feet, their average salary is the highest in Wuhan. Telecommunications and telecommunications network equipment industry generally belongs to the state monopoly industries, the salary level is considerable. Cross domain management involves a number of industries, the risk resistance is relatively strong, salary level in Wuhan also belong to a higher level. From the province wide perspective, according to the Hubei Provincial Bureau of statistics released in 2015 the average wage of workers in Hubei, the financial, electricity, gas and water production and supply industry and other state-owned enterprises or monopoly industries are the highest income groups. Zhaopin for many years, quarterly release of employer demand and white-collar workers supply report, in which the spring of 2014 to 2016 autumn less than three years, the average salary of white-collar workers rose 1664 yuan in Wuhan. But in the two quarter of 2014, the average salary of white-collar workers fell by 1332 yuan in the previous quarter, and then gradually increased in the three quarter, and in the first quarter of 2015, it suddenly rose 1693 yuan, then rose steadily. In autumn, you must know that salary is an important consideration for job seekers, but personal career growth, industry trends and unit development goals will have an important impact on career development in the future. Experts cautioned that job seekers should consider all aspects of the factors in their choice of work, need to look long-term, understand the future development trend of the industry, while growing, in order to remain competitive in the ever-changing economy and workplace environment. A new round of upsurge in the real estate market makes the civil construction, decoration, municipal engineering profession continue to maintain a competitive state. Financial audit tax position is relatively weak, the number of post supply is limited, so the job competition has been more intense. Exports are frustrated, and the supply and demand of professionals in purchasing and trade occupations are also affected. If you are not professional limited or have a special preference, when choosing jobs, you can avoid these competitive incentives, choose a relatively unpopular career, and these occupations are not necessarily lower wages than popular occupations. There are more job opportunities for job demands. When you apply for a job, you may think about it. You can even look at the whole country and choose your favorite job. With the downward stabilization of China’s GDP growth rate, China economy began to enter the transition period. For the job seekers, it is more important to maintain their workplace competitiveness in this environment than mere salary. Wuhan white-collar pay most attention to salary, job promotion and welfare treatment, golden nine silver ten looking for work in the busy season, of course, many people choose to quit time. Salary is the most important factor for Wuhan white collar job hopping in the autumn of 2016, followed by job promotion. In addition, corporate culture and benefits are also white-collar jobs in Wuhan

武汉白领最新平均月薪为6572元 你拖后腿了吗?(图)   昨天(26日),智联招聘发布了2016年秋季武汉雇主需求与白领人才供给报告,武汉白领的平均月薪是税前6527元,在全国34个主要城市中排名第17位。   而以下十大行业的从业者就不用担心拖后腿了,他们的平均薪水是武汉最高的。   通信 电信 网络设备行业一般属于国有垄断性行业,薪资水平比较可观。跨领域经营因涉及多个行业,对风险的抵抗能力相对较强,薪酬水平在武汉也属于较高水平。   从全省范围来看,根据湖北省统计局发布的2015年湖北在岗职工平均工资,金融、电力、燃气及水的生产和供应行业等国企或垄断性行业也是收入最高的群体。   智联招聘连续多年, 每季度发布雇主需求与白领人才供给报告,其中2014年春季到2016年秋季不到三年时间,武汉白领平均薪酬涨了1664元。但2014年二季度开始白领平均薪酬比上一季度突然下跌1332元,此后三个季度又逐渐上升,到2015年一季度又突然上涨1693元,此后再稳步上涨。   秋季求职 这些你必须知道   虽然薪酬是求职者在就业时的重要考虑因素,但个人的职业成长、行业的发展趋势、单位发展目标等都会对未来的职业发展产生重要影响。专家告诫,求职者在选择工作时应该综合考量各方面的因素,需要将目光放长远,了解未来的行业发展趋势,同时不断成长,才能在不断变化的经济和职场大环境中保持竞争力。   房地产市场的新一轮热潮,使得土木 建筑 装修 市政工程类职业继续保持竞争激烈的状态。财务 审计 税务职位的流动性相对较弱,岗位供应数量有限,所以求职竞争一直较为激烈。出口受挫,采购 贸易类职业的人才供需也受到影响。   如果不是专业受限或者有特殊偏好,择业的时候可以避开这些竞争激励的行业,选择相对冷门的职业,而且这些职业的工资并不一定比热门职业低。   岗位需求量大的职业机会也更多,求职的时候不妨考虑,甚至还可以放眼全国,选择自己喜欢的工作。   随着我国GDP增速的下行趋稳,中国经济开始进入转型周期。对于身处其中的求职者来说,在这样的大环境中保持自身的职场竞争力,可能比单纯的薪酬更为重要。   武汉白领最看重薪酬、职位晋升和福利待遇   金九银十找工作的旺季,当然也是很多人选择跳槽的时间。薪酬是2016年秋季武汉白领跳槽最看重的因素,其次是职位晋升。此外,企业文化和福利待遇也是武汉地区白领们跳槽时会考量的重要因素。   人力资源专家建议,在职场中追求自我价值的白领们,在面对新的选择时,不能因为眼前的薪酬水平而盲目跳槽,更需要结合当前的整体经济形势和行业发展趋势,从自身的工作经验、技能、兴趣爱好出发,理性的制定长远职业规划。   来源:长江云微信公众号相关的主题文章:

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