Xie Wenjian resigned to pick up the pieces of Shanghai Jahwa performance Securities Times reporter Kang Yin "double eleven" party, personally for Shanghai Jahwa Tmall store site Xie Wenjian, facing the television cameras, smiling; 14 days later, a notice of resignation, he has been out of office for more than three years of Shanghai Jahwa chairman. Shanghai Jahwa November 25th night bursts 5 announcement, the company executives concussion. Shanghai Jahwa received Xie Wenjian’s resignation, resigned from the company directors, the chairman, a member of the board of directors and the special committee under the chief executive officer, general manager and other related duties. Liu Dong, deputy general manager of Ping An Trust, acting as chairman of the board of directors of the company, acting on behalf of the chairman. From the general manager of Johnson medical Chinese district was invited to Shanghai Ren Ping Jahwa Xie Wenjian, chairman Ge Wenyao took a position trader for three years, Shanghai Jahwa performance fell into trouble. The first three quarters of this year, Shanghai Jahwa net profit fell more than 45%. In addition to the resignation of Xie Wenjian Han Min, the board of directors of the company because the job needs, apply resigned from the board, but continued to serve as company secretaries duties; the board of directors decided to nominate Zhang Dongfang and Song Chengli of director candidates, until the expiration of the sixth session of the board of the check. To fulfill the agency chairman Liu Dong was born in 1964, former World Bank economist, Washington Singapore senior vice president of Government Investment Company, the incumbent deputy general manager of Ping An Trust and private equity investment, general manager of Shanghai Jahwa board. A New Oriental CEO, was born in 1962. Former Vinda International Holdings Limited (03331.HK) executive director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Zhang Dongfang has a wealth of international and domestic business management experience, with more than and 20 years FMCG industry experience, familiar with home care, personal care and cosmetics industry. After the market has been rumored, Zhang east or Shanghai Jahwa will take over as chairman. Shanghai Jahwa said, the new chairman will be elected in the convening of the new shareholders’ meeting. In 2011, Shanghai SASAC will Shanghai Jahwa (Group) 100% of the shares sold to Ping An group. February 2012, the completion of the actual controller changes. Ping An Group to become a listed company of Shanghai Jahwa big club. But then Shanghai Jahwa former chairman Ge Wenyao, and peace because business philosophy and enterprise management in the palace fighting drama staged. Finally, in September 2013, Ge to the age and health reasons for retirement". But Ge Wenyao has been on the individual micro-blog, the current management of the listed company’s corporate governance capabilities and operational level of different views and sharp criticism. Xie Wenjian parachuted into Shanghai Jahwa, worked in Johnson medical work of multinational enterprises for ten years, starting from the market, 2006 served as president of Johnson medical Chinese District, is the president of Johnson medical China district the first native born. In November 2013, Shanghai Jahwa chairman Xie Wenjian office. Shortly after taking office has announced that the 2018 Shanghai Jahwa sales revenue to achieve 12 billion yuan, including the enterprise’s own brand target 10 billion, other.相关的主题文章:

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