Yiyanbuge show skills "-" can be the most assists – three Xu Xu Ke Xu Ke stills entertainment Sohu Sohu entertainment news by Yao off the media produced the fantasy epic "-" is Hunan TV diamond independent radio theater hit. Last night, a "-" into "a new chapter between brothers", the king of the three realms of ice king will be full term, elected the next "ice king" has become a top priority for the ice people, the old star in the play is a word not just to show their skills resorted to various skills, its high detection ability from the audience to become the most frequently praised, three assists. Net friend said: wait for so long, the old star finally to force. To stand in the old star, also gradually show their ability, let the old star Xinggui check mudra gestures, found Sakura empty release of something different. Identification of identified family seen ice flame, Sakura empty release is not the son of fire. The old star and dream of calling the pear falls asleep to restore the pear falls once memory. The ice king came to the old star, together to help find the ghost. The old star busy everywhere "on the field", where there is a need to go out where to move. As the right-hand man of the ice clan, although the mysterious high cold, but we all love to find the stars old help. Xu Ke created a can find problems and resolve, skills in a dream full of the main image. In addition to the "plug-in", the old star is "heart", with "no lie mirror" for everyone "to solve problems". Unpredictable, but behind it is the same as the existence of "model worker". This can make people fall asleep boy always poker-faced said some words have too profound to be understood, netizens joked: "can’t sleep to find the old star ah, for the dream of the main fast take me to a dream", "dream of the word of the Lord is always too abstruse, I can not understand the IQ hit star old life." "The only way to really understand the stars is to have them."   相关的主题文章:

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