Yueqing huangtandong, Yandang Mountain after the Millennium Village Tourism Sohu spent a long time in the city, the rural life increasingly yearning, since it is impossible to have the chrysanthemum life, it is simply to quiet huangtandong ancient village landscape experience, give yourself a hidden world time. After half a year, once again came to the huangtandong village, a home feeling. This is to wash the body of the vulgar, and then to a body back to the city. This is a village outside is not disturbed, has followed the initial static good. It was once the world’s cold and not angry, and later it was discovered, it was listed as the first Chinese landscape village. So, the question is, huangtandong village where, how to go? It is located in Zhejiang, Wenzhou province of Yueqing, is a small village in the middle of Yandang Mountain. The village was built in the Song Dynasty Baoqing years, because the slopes have a piece of wood with a rosewood, a cave on the rosewood trees above named "huangtandong precipitous rock faces and sheer cliffs". [ticket]: free. Play time: up to hours. [traffic]: at present is not open to visitors from the Yueqing city bus, chartered to one-way yuan. The village did not take the last bus route, along the road to the village for the highway is S shape, like a swimming dragon from the high mountains winding down, a few hundred meters below the vertical dive into the cove. Although a lot of leg muscles, but less wild, or the last from Huang Tan there on foot of the underground reservoir to feel better, the road like Jiuzhaigou scenery. This is a small village, the largest population is more than one thousand people, but now not so much, only a hundred people, other villagers or migrant workers, more is moved to the county town, here is some poor families can not afford to buy houses and old homeland regret. The ancient village overlooking height, high and low houses built on the hillside, and winding with the trend, not a dime deliberately. A Longxi around the village, colorful waterfall. The village has a sign, tell visitors, don’t ignore this big house several houses. In the last step on the uphill work on a home of the couple, they do not know how are you now, how to harvest, not out of poverty. Although the village is visually beautiful, but it is incomplete beauty, the villagers are still poor. With a closed environment, after thousands of years after the invasion, leaving a number of large, well preserved old house, hold the village for us, today we are privileged to meet it. A bridge on both sides of the villagers and convenient Creek import contacts, and I’m going to see the village life through the bridge. A place only to find the old photos in the ancient dwellings of Jiangnan, well-proportioned lined river shore, trance will make people think back along the river of time, back to the Ming and Qing dynasties. Slow down, walk on the bluestone paved roadway, in the village to enjoy the quiet and beautiful moment. Miss Wuzhen, miss Zhouzhuang.相关的主题文章:

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