Zhang Jie Wuhan sings Turpan voice: want to always love Semyon Sheenah Aa Zhang Jie portrait concert reporter Xiong Bo she still remember 12 years ago, the name of the origin of the stars? Because of this song." Yesterday evening, singer Zhang Jie in Wuhan Sports Center Stadium concert, especially for the fans singing debut in 2004 the first song "Big Dipper love", detonated the atmosphere. Zhang Jie fans called "stars", he also deliberately let you close the sticks, open the lamp in a mobile phone, "stars" sing a song "the brightest star in the night sky". Thin, Zhang Jie debut for 12 years, this called "I want" concert, he too would like to confide. The entertainment industry experienced the ups and downs, there have been criticisms, Zhang Jie told the fans: "I have not learned how to speak." For so many years, he thought of retreat and give up, "no longer singing, too little insipid life." But in the end still stick to this stage, whether it is Chinese English songs or songs, as long as there is love, I love to sing." Zhang Jie has been learning to accept new things and information, "I always remind myself not to become a conservative and boring, but I still want to be a singer, the next 12 years, or will follow that path. For many years to come to the Wuhan concert, Zhang Jie never simply sing, not to talk about feelings, not Tinana. The last night of the concert, Zhang Jie was relaxed a lot. He has been married to Sheenah for 5 years, when Sheenah played on the big screen pictures, Zhang Jie confided: "to Semyon Sheenah Aa, want to always love……" (reporter Huang Lijuan)

张杰武汉个唱吐心声:想谢谢娜娜 一直爱下去张杰倾情演唱 记者熊波 摄“还记得12年前,星星这个名字的由来么?是因为下面这首歌。”昨天晚上,歌手张杰在武汉体育中心体育馆开唱,特别为歌迷唱起了2004年出道的第一首歌《北斗星的爱》,引爆现场气氛。张杰的歌迷自称为“星星”,他也特意让大家关上荧光棒,打开手机灯,在一片“星光闪烁”中演唱一首《夜空中最亮的星》。细细算来,张杰出道已有12年,这场名为“我想”的音乐会,他太想吐露心声。经历过娱乐圈的起起伏伏,有过非议,张杰告诉歌迷:“我至今没有学会怎么说话。”这么多年,他想过退缩和放弃,“不再唱歌,过点平淡的生活。”但最终还是坚守在这个舞台,“不管是中文歌还是英文歌,只要是有感情的歌,我都爱唱。”张杰也一直在学习接受新鲜的事物和资讯,“我时刻提醒自己不要变成一个保守而无趣的人,但我还是愿意当一个歌手,下一个12年,还是会照这条路走下去。多年前来武汉开唱,张杰从来只是单纯唱歌,不谈感情,不提娜娜。昨天晚上的演唱会现场,张杰明显放松了不少。他与谢娜已结婚5年,当大屏幕上打出谢娜的照片时,张杰吐露心声:“想谢谢娜娜,想一直爱下去……” (记者黄丽娟)相关的主题文章:

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