Zong Ning: the world Internet Conference opened the era of intelligent educational robot technology Sohu curtain – third world internet conference yesterday successfully concluded in Wuzhen, the highest summit in this field represents the global Internet, the global Internet leaders gathered together to discuss the future of technology. Before entering today’s business, we first use a picture to review what highlights of this year’s Conference on the internet. Compared with the previous Internet Conference this year has many noteworthy highlights, however, is the most special, appeared for the first time — robot technology products involved in service, this move seems to be opened the curtain on the era of intelligent robot. Ability storm robot in the world this year Internet Conference wonderful debut robot from ability storm, is the brand of educational robot Shanghai xpartner robotics Co. Ltd., founded in 1996, and in 1998 the first in the world released the first education machine, is the pioneer and leader of global education robot. This is the mountain in the world series of Internet Conference display products, educational robot closest to human form, and flexible, full sense of science fiction, with many design breakthrough. With the theme of "innovation driven for the benefit of mankind — to build cyberspace community of destiny", ability storm robot shows a different future technology to us, which makes the whole conference from pure Internet technology, people began to enter the discussion of machine technology level. This can be regarded as a major breakthrough in artificial intelligence, and robots will gradually enter the homes of ordinary people, began to change our lives. The robot value begins with education although robots in industrial production has not what fresh things, but in the civilian market, is still relatively tall on the one hand, the robot, the cost is relatively high, the family is not a small purchase threshold, on the other hand, the function of robots in the home or are of limited practical value in general. So although the field of robotics has been in development, but in the field of home has been relatively lack of practical scenarios. With the development of technology, robots in the field of home also began to find their own direction of development, that is, educational robots. As a product of science and technology, no more than what the robot can stimulate children’s interest in learning, and the ability of senior education robot storm is a pioneer in the field, with continuous technological progress, there are more and more educational robot has been recognized by the market, but also gradually opened a prelude to the era of robots, the world the only designated Internet Conference participants of the robot, is on the performance of recognition. Ability storm robot has a number of series, category rich, but the value of education is consistent. For example, robotics is a series of krypton, through a large number of building blocks are assembled and have product particles, a plurality of sensors, actuators and controllers, young people through this series of products can create their own favorite robots, greatly exercise the child’s ability and interest in science and technology. On display at the meeting is a series of Everest robot, humanoid robot, by AP software.相关的主题文章:

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